Of ‘Papa Stui’ and fa’afafines 

Well it looks like some customers have kicked up a big stink about McDonald’s Unisex toilet. 

A lot of the angry comments on social media have revived the good old debate about fa’afafine and fa’afatama. Interesting.

But one post stood out: “Samoa acknowledges third gender and P.M. is Patron of Fa’afafine Association.”

Now speaking of which, earlier this week, Tuilaepa explained why he is often referred to as “Papa” by faafafine community.

“I am the Papa for all the mixture chromosomes that walk the earth,” Tuilaepa said. “I was interviewed by the Upu Mana television on fa’afatama and fa’afafine. It was there that I expressed the view that there are four people created by God in His own image, in which the Holy Spirit is resident in every one of us.

 “Which is the reason why I decided to be their ‘Papa ‘because they are God’s people.”

Tuilaepa added that he believes God created four kinds of people.

“A complete man and complete woman, a half made man and a half made woman because the chromosomes of the women ended up in the fa’afafines and the chromosomes of the males ended up in the fa’afatama,” he said.

“And those are the sign.”

The Prime Minister went to say that one version of how faafafine were created goes something like this:  “They said many billions years ago, the Lord created man and woman and then in the process of creating the fa’afafine the machines suddenly stopped.

“Somebody had turned off the electricity so the Lord said to them “you may now go and enjoy the kind of person you are. So it was all due to the breaking down of the electricity that causes all these kinds of differences in them.”

Oh dear… 


Thank you Frankie’s

Big ups to the team at Frankie’s for their quick response to yesterday’s BTL about a certain rude worker whose attitude spoiled the effort of all the good folks working at their Vaitele Restaurant.

When the BTL came out yesterday, the management team took quick action to track down the customer and they worked to sort out what had happened.

Thanks for caring. They didn’t have to but they went the extra mile and this is a fine example of how you deal with customers.

That certain customer’s faith has been restored and he will definitely be coming back for more of the pizza and other combos available.

Great stuff.


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