Sila needs a job and water tank

By Aruna Lolani 03 August 2017, 12:00AM

Everyone needs help – now and then.

For 53-year-old Sila Tai Misa from Siufaga Falelatai, he can definitely do with a job and a water tank for his family.

Sila used to work as a security officer before.

“Work was easy for me when I was staying in the town area because it was close to where I used to work,” he says to the Village.

“But when the family that I used to stay with all left, I had to move back home and go to work from here.

“At first it was okay but then it just got too difficult because my shifts were mostly at night and I live so far away so the transportation became an issue. That’s why I decided to stay.”

Now Sila is a fisherman and he works to provide food for his elderly mother, his sisters and their families.

“My two sisters’ husbands are the ones that are currently working to support us financially.

“And that’s where I need help, because I need a job to be able to support my own family. I have been looking for a job that’s suitable for me; like being a driver. “I mean at the moment, besides fishing; I just started developing my cabbages patch to get extra money.”

So what skill set does he offer? 

“I can be a very good driver as I have had some experience as a taxi driver before I became a security guard. “That is the kind of work that I know suits me and also the kind of job I have the energy for.”

Another issue that was brought up by Sila for help; is their access to water.

“It’s been more than ten years since we’ve been staying without water access. Just like other people, the government’s water doesn’t reach us.

“So we always have to drive our cars to the homes of our other relatives on the other side to get water.

“I know there has been some help that came to donate water tanks for our village but that programme stopped at Samatau and I think it’s because that’s all they could give and I understand that. 

He went on “I would appreciate any help that will be given.”

If you want to help out Sila Tai Misa, please contact him on phone number 7712445.

By Aruna Lolani 03 August 2017, 12:00AM

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