Tourism and Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Picture Samoa tourism 

Yes, it’s a good picture that helps promote Samoa. 

We do have a lot of young Samoan men with physiques like this especially among our Samoan sports stars.

Remember, we’re not selling Samoa to the Samoans but selling Samoa to tourists. 

In those countries, sex sells and most countries also use women to sell their tourism. But in Samoa, it sells better by using men with good physiques because that’s how our people looked like in the old days.

Today, due to cheap and reject food imported into our country, our population, especially our leaders, are suffering from obesity and diabetes and it’s a bad image of Samoa.

99% of tourists come to Savaii. You ask them, “Why did you choose Samoa as your holiday destination?” 

They replied that they’ve heard a lot of good stories about our people and the environment until they get here. When they got off the plane at the airport, all they see are our fat leaders and fat people walking around everywhere, and had to put up with the dust and the eyesore elephant buildings in town. They immediately change their plans and come to Savaii.

When you ask them again, “How do you find Samoa?”

 The common response is, “I hope your govt does not try and make your country look like those countries overseas with all those poorly built buildings.” 

I agree with them because we think these Chinese built buildings in Apia are flash but to the tourists they look like giant toilets.

This is why I said to P.M. Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P govt to stay far, far away from Savaii and keep their Chinese buildings to Apia. You’ve already killed off tourism for Upolu with your stupid ideas - don’t kill off Savaii’s too. The natural beauty of our people including our environment, local organic food, culture and traditions are the main attractions for tourists.

Last month, a couple from overseas came to Samoa as part of the Married at First Sight show that was filmed here. After the marriage ceremony, the woman told the producer of the show that she changed her mind about her new husband but wanted to marry a Tama Savaii instead. 

The woman walked out on the show and told the Tama Savaii, “I’ll be back.” lol lol lol The tama Savaii just gave her a sexy smile and a wink and walked away.

That’s a true story and it happens all the time here in Savaii where a tourist couple come to visit - then the husband ends up going back to their country all alone and the wife stays back to continue taking in the sites with other female tourists. 

When the Tama Savaii takes his shirt off and does the faataupati, those foreign women’s eyes beg to have the Tama Savaii’s child as their jaws drop.



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