Hawkes Bay family say Samoa is unique

By Deidre Fanene 04 June 2017, 12:00AM

Apart from the heat and humidity, one kiwi couple and their family are having a blast in Samoa.

Jimmie and Kim Egan are in Samoa for the first time for a one-week vacation.

Mr. Egan told the Sunday Samoan that he is the Manager for the Apple Pickers in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

“I have been looking after some of the Samoan boys who come there for the Regional Seasonal Employment Scheme,” he said.

“I become so close to my boys from here and every time we talk they always tell me ‘boss you have to go to Samoa for a vacation, you will love it.”

“So this year, I finally said to my wife okay we will go to Samoa for a vacation and that’s why we are here.”

 And he does not regret the decision.

“From the time we got out of the plane we fell in love with the place,” he said.

“We are staying at the Return to Paradise Resort and I tell you the hospitality they provide for us is just amazing.”

“They have the best service and even before they speak to us the smile and the attitudes make us feel very special.”

“This is our first time in town and we bought some good looking shirts and souvenirs to take home.”

“We don’t get this kind of service at where we’re from and to make us feel welcome by a country that we have just seen for the first time makes us feel very happy and thankful.”

“The people are very accommodating and lovely.”

What do they think of local cuisine?

“Yes we had a taste of raw fish with coconut cream and lemon that was very beautiful,” said Ms. Egan.

“My husband had a taste of palusami as well, that was magnificent, it’s different from what we have back home.”

“Many of us back home we would go to Cook Islands and Fiji but they are becoming more commercialised and that’s the other reason why we chose Samoa we want to go to a place that is more cultural so that our kids will see the different lifestyle.”

“So Samoa is that place and despite the hot weather the kids are enjoying the warmth and the hospitality. We just have to drink a lot of water but we’re coping alright.”

So what’s different in Samoa compared to Hawkes Bay?

“Well the white sandy beaches of course,” said Mr. Egan.

“We don’t get to see a white sand in our beaches. You have beautiful beaches here.”

“Definitely the people, because back home we don’t get to chat with a stranger on the street like what we’re doing now because it’s dangerous but here it’s open and it’s free and most especially it’s simple.”

“The lifestyle is simple, it’s relaxing and very friendly. We will definitely tell our loved ones and friends about Samoa and we will definitely be coming back and hopefully stay a little bit longer than just one week.”

By Deidre Fanene 04 June 2017, 12:00AM
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