Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

I found the letter from Wendy Wonder about religion in Samoa in your newspaper yesterday very interesting.

Hahaha I always think why are so many Christians especially Samoans seem to believe whatever they believe is the only one true religion? 

You see, wherever I walk around town or any function, it’s like a pain to my ears that many people I meet and the first question is o fea eke loku ai (which church you go to).

Is that a Samoan custom or what? 

I have not heard other religions ask questions like that. 

And it’s so sad they want to confront you if you are not a member of their church.

Some people tell you that you need to be born again, and so much trash coming out of their minds but little they know these people of their religion are committing a lot of crimes and ending up in prison. 

We should have a law to stop preaching against other religions and stop witnessing because some of these witnessing  people I call them bullies.

Why can’t you go do something good for you and your family rather than trying to persuade people to join your church business?

You will be better off than trying to say that you are the only true religion. 

I also have to say that there is no true religion, it’s all man made.

I can make my own if I wanted to. Enough is enough.



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