From humble beginnings, a new restaurant emerges

By Jonathon Shoecraft 06 April 2017, 12:00AM

There are countless amazing success stories. Stories of rags to riches and others. But it’s rare to see people succeeding not only financially but by doing something they love. 

That’s where William Curry and Emily Sinagpulo stand out from the crowd.

The couple have just opened a Filipino restaurant called Kusina, located behind the Apollo Cinemas car park. The entrance is the road across from Izzy’s next to Kilo shack and CCK Saleufi. 

Emily Sinagpulo is from the Philippines and loves cooking food from her home. Her partner, William Curry, is from Samoa and really was confident in what they are doing here. 

They will soon also be opening up a bar along with a barista to serve breakfast and coffee.

 “We were at Savalalo which was our first location last year in January,” said Emily. “We wanted to start small. Samoa is very hard to introduce new food, we were catering Filipino cuisine. 

“We started in our home and friends would come over for Filipino food and they loved it so much they would pay 20 Tala for the amazing cuisine. I was the initial cook when we first started and now we have our own cooking staff.”

There is something remarkable about their menu. 

“We want to change the menu daily so that there is new food for our patrons every time they come in. There is so much Filipino food, that there would be no way to put it in one menu. 

“The food that we provide also caters to all eaters, vegetarians, vegans and people who have specific preferences. The people just ask us to do something special and we will adjust the price just for them.

 “The food we provide too is fresh every day, all the food we make is made with fresh vegetables from the market, we like to not only make amazing food but also help the local economy. We want to prioritize the quality of our food.”

To hear that not only does this couple want to provide amazing food, but also help out the local markets and people as well is music to the ears. 

 “Our old spot was a very small space and we wanted to open a restaurant,” William said. “We didn’t have any previous experience in the restaurant industry, but now we are running a fully fledged restaurant!

“We are currently working on the bar area and also a barista area. We will be opening for breakfast and serving coffee in the morning while also being a bar and restaurant at night time.”

Lastly, William said: “We want to keep the restaurant affordable as well, shooting for the working class to appeal to both foreigners and locals as well.”

If you’d like to call or contact them, their number is 28333 and their email is [email protected]

By Jonathon Shoecraft 06 April 2017, 12:00AM

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