A perfect getaway

By Nefertiti Matatia 06 April 2018, 12:00AM

Debbie Poole, from Australia, found Samoa a perfect getaway. She has never been so relaxed and exposed to such a friendly atmosphere like here in Samoa.

The Dear Tourist team found her observing the printing of lavalava at the Taumeasina Island Resort. She is having the time of her life being away from work and the busyness of life.

 “So I had just eight days off over this week. I thought about going to Vanuatu or New Caledonia as well. There was always another place that I wanted to see, Samoa. 

 “Coming here, I saw how the reefs just looked incredible from the plane. I like the idea that it is quite untouched-the nature. It is not overly touristy.

 “I was looking for a place like this.”

She adds everywhere that she has been in Samoa the people have been very friendly to her, which is not the same case where she is from.

 “I think everywhere it is very friendly, but I think particularly here some people seemed to be so happy and so engaged, wanted to chat with you and really friendly. I felt very safe and secure here.

 “We rented a car yesterday, we went to different places. It has been really lovely, everyone wants to help you. 

 “It is a little special when the people are so open and friendly to us because back home it is different. 

 “I am from a country town originally, so everybody knows everybody so everyone is smiling and greeting. But the cities are kind of different like where I live now in Sydney, everyone is kind of busy and doing their things and being in a rush. 

 “Here everybody is so relaxed, it makes you feel kind of relaxed, which is probably the best thing about here,” she said.

One of the biggest differences that Debbie experienced in Samoa is the ocean and the environment.

 “Being in the water is lovely, it is like taking a bath, and it is so warm and nice. It is really peaceful, so you can easily just have a swim or float.

 “Everywhere is so clean and tidy, there is no rubbish anywhere. So even on all the land around the houses, it’s all clear.

 “The plants are so lovely. When we were driving down to the mountain yesterday back from the beach, just seeing the variety of plants on the sides is gorgeous, all these different colours and so lush and green.”

Being around the community and interacting with the locals have been the highlight of her trip and she will definitely return to Samoa.

 “It is very affordable and the flight is so easy. You could even do just a long weekend too if you wanted.

 “It brought back some memories of home just being here in Samoa, because I am from England but have migrated to Australia.

 “In the morning for breakfast everyone is saying good morning, did you have a good night and things like that. It is pretty much like that.”

By Nefertiti Matatia 06 April 2018, 12:00AM

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