Fooled by fear

Think a minute…This is an amazing true story about a criminal known as Black Bart. He brought fear to people for more than seven years in America’s Wild West. Black Bart’s name was printed in the newspapers more often than almost any other.

People were fascinated that Black Bart always worked alone, carried a double-barrel shotgun, and kept his face hidden behind a black hood. During his seven-year reign of terror, Black Bart successfully robbed 29 stagecoaches. His bold, daring robberies made him the most famous outlaw of his time.

So when Black Bart was finally caught and convicted for his crimes, people were shocked by what they learned about the real man behind the mask.

Instead of a hard-riding horseman, they found a man who was so afraid of horses that he walked to and from his robberies on foot! Instead of a violent, bloodthirsty young killer, Black Bart was a gentle, older man who never once in all his robberies fired a shot. And there was a simple reason: during those seven years and 29 robberies, his gun was always empty and never once loaded! 

For all those years, thousands of people had been terrorized by an old man who was afraid of horses and never had any bullets in his gun.

Their lives were controlled and ruined by empty threats. Black Bart’s secret weapon was simply the fear he put in people by fooling them. 

Many of us live for years controlled by fears of things that never happen. We fear the unknown, often thinking to ourselves, “What if this or that happens?” We let fears steal our peace of mind, confidence, and success. This is why a world leader famously said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 

Once people found out the truth about Black Bart, they did not fear him anymore. The truth always sets us free from fear. Jesus wants to make you free with the truth about Him—which also reveals the truth about yourself.

Won’t you ask Him to forgive you and take charge of your life? He will help you change your wrong thinking and living, so He can fill your heart with His peace, purpose and power to freely and fully live the life He created you to have. Just think a minute… 

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