The elders of church

Re: Stigmata drama 

The E.F.K.S’s so-called Committee of Elders are nothing but some old grumpy old men.

It’s becoming a joke; anyone can sue and win against the E.F.K.S church. 

I guarantee you if Opapo takes them to court he will win hands down. 

These Elders are not humans. The lack of love and kindness shown just defeats everything the Church teaches about Christianity. 

And who are they again? Pastors? Church Ministers? Representatives of God? 

Oh Puh lleeeessseee! Resign from all your positions and go do something worthwhile. Leave the church to those with sincere love for the flock. 

Yes, the flock have already scattered and left. There is no future with E.F.K.S if these practices and hypocrites carry on. 

How long will the people suffer under the Elders’ misinformed decisions? Why have you decided to pay only ministers who reach 65yrs? Why not the poor elderly villagers who give to the church every Sunday? 

Why is it only retired ministers? Isn’t it selfish?

It is not your money. Let me say that again. That is not the Elders Committee’s money. It is the donations from the poor congregations. 

By rights, everyone who reaches 65 should get a pension as well, not only ministers. 

Anyway, that is just one of the few questionable practices by the Elders. They knew it is not right, yet no effort to change and improve processes for the good of its people. 

That’s why I said in the beginning, anyone could sue the Church and win. Because there is no God in the administration of this church.


T. Hamo

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