“A smart bet”

Think a minute… In the town of Blackpool, England is a high tower almost 400 feet tall with a clear glass floor on the top. So when you’re up there it looks like you’re walking on air hundreds of feet high above the ground.

An English newspaper had a funny photo of a woman at the edge of this invisible glass floor. Her hands were covering her face as she tried to get the courage to walk on it. Even though she knew the floor was safe, she was still afraid!

You might have flown on an airplane before, and even though you knew the plane was safe, and the pilot was well trained, you still were nervous and scared. Because you know there is always a chance something might go wrong!

But then, there’s nothing in this world that is perfectly safe, guaranteed with no risks whatsoever.

This is true even in the simple everyday things. Any day, we can have a car or bus accident on our way to work or school; or we can find out we have cancer or some other disease; or your good, sweet little girl can get involved with the wrong guy.

But even though nothing is completely safe or risk-free, we can’t keep ourselves and our family locked away from the world so that we don’t go anywhere or do anything! But you know, there’s one road you can take that’s 100% guaranteed safe and fun:  to follow and live Jesus’ way - every day of your life.

You see, Jesus Christ wasn’t just a good man or teacher; and He wasn’t just a prophet.

Jesus Himself said very clearly that He is God - God the Son. Jesus said that He is the One Who can forgive our sins, and He proved it - by being the only person in all of history to bring Himself back to life after being dead and buried for 3 days!

Jesus promises and guarantees you that if you’ll live His way everyday, He will always keep you safe. Even when you die, Jesus will take you through it safely, to live with Him. He will also be with you now everyday to help you in all your decisions and problems.

So you’ll never have to worry or fear anything again. Living for Jesus is not only a smart bet, it’s the only safe bet with your life you can make. Just Think a Minute…

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