What do you think about 4-hour power outage?

Disappointed with the EPC, from these people’s comments seems like the power usually went off now and then, quite clear the organisation fail to come up with a solution to sustain the supply of electricity across the country.

Imagine the size of a loss of a business that electricity is an input cost of production, a patience diagnosed with dialysis that requires electricity to operate that device to clean up the blood, he/she would have been dead before the power came back on 4hrs later.

Businesses lost revenues and nearly every households device need electricity to get operated. This just a negligence from EPC and businesses should have compensated for the loss they have suffered. Need to sort this out.

Faalata Lefuia


This is ridiculous. These people should be held accountable for losses incurred as a result of their incompetency. With all the money that has gone into all these capital investments over the last few years you’d think that the service would’ve improved. Over the last few 3-4 years it has actually gotten worse.

Kris Sei

Samoa Observer

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