Don’t confuse the two

Dear Editor,

Re: U.S. leadership and Samoa’s customary land 

Hello Wendy, thank goodness the truth is the crossroads that brings our opposite universes to polarity in issues of humanity. 

I just lost the aroma of my morning coffee when you mentioned Bernie Sanders and the crooked Democrats. 

Not to mentioned the Fake News media of CNN, The Washington compost etc. I’m trying to make up my mind whether I have time to write this big story that is jumping out of my brains longing to be told or live it for another day. 

It should explain how everything is connected; right from why the Muslims despises us under the culture of Christianity, to the world finances, to the globalist controlling our world, to Donald Trump, to our customary land and all. They are all connected in this huge deception or what the Islam belief called the Great Satan. 

I am not a Muslim nor do I support the Islamic belief, they are deceived too, neither am I a Christian or call myself as such. 

I am of Jesus Christ, period. The truth. You are correct though in calling out Christianity because I also believe Christianity is a vehicle of this great deception. Christianity was annulled by Jesus Christ himself the origin of the Christian faith, more then 2000 years ago and yet we’re still loitering around a false belief using Jesus’ name because we honor a label instead of the man that created the label. “A time will come when the son’s of God will worship the father in spirit and in truth”. John 4:23. 

I aligned myself with Donald Trump not because I have republican beliefs, nor a far right, nor on his attempts to resurrect capitalism because you and I know it’s over, but because he’s standing up to this great deception of the western culture. Don’t give up on Jesus, Wendy.

 He is NOT the Christianity you despise. He has already written a law in scripture to accommodate outsiders like you and I, “...for the gentiles though not of the law, are the law unto themselves because they do what is right in their hearts”. That is written the ‘Acts of the Apostles” somewhere. 

I don’t have the exact scripture but it’s there. You know what is right more then 95% of the Christians in Samoa, which means you are already in before you know it. Please do not confuse Christianity with Jesus Christ. He’s a real cool guy.



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