The way politics work in Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Get your facts right

Thank you Vai for your letter. Here is my reasoning. I believe that the people of Samoa do not vote along party lines but rather they vote for their friend.

Therefore if there are 3 H.R.P.P people running in one district and only one person under a different banner then the odds that an H.R.P.P person will be the one with the most friends is 3 to 1 or a 75 percent chance that an H.R.P.P person will win the district. 

I also think it is most likely that people who decide to run will want to insure that they get a paycheck and a possible cabinet position. 

This can only happen if you are a member of the party who wins the majority. 

Unless a person has enough money, very angry at the government, or a highly evolved moral person it is human nature to look out for your own interests first. Under the scenario of your system you will eventually have people only running under the H.R.P.P banner because they can. 

You will have H.R.P.P members competing against H.R.P.P. members for the district. 

What this guarantees is that the P.M. will always have his majority, how could he not? 

This is a manufactured majority and until this rule is abolished the P.M. will continue to have his majority, which gives him absolute control to re write the constitution however he chooses. 

This is what is already happening because this rule is turning Samoa into a one party state. 

The real problem with the P.M. having absolute control in this undemocratic model is that the poor have no representation, land is at risk to foreign ownership and the education system in Samoa is going down the toilet. 

So I am happy to debate as well, but if you tell me to be silent I will not. 

Also, thanks but no thanks to the church education because I like to be able to think as well as count.


Wendy Wonder 

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