People, culture and climate make the destination

By Anina Kazaz 15 June 2018, 12:00AM

Meet Linda Singer and Libby Reeves from New Zealand.

Dear Tourist met the two at the tourism center in Apia town yesterday. They are here with a group of nurses carrying out hearing aid programmes in Samoa. 

Libby and Linda decided to spend the day together and visited the Piula Cave pool.

It is Libby’s first time in Samoa, but Linda has some experience in this part of the world.

“I came here with my daughter this time, but I would have come to Samoa eventually with my husband. We are on a mission to cover all of the islands in the South Pacific,” Libby said. 

“It is the people, the culture and climate and for us it is very relaxing, the people are friendly, it is an easy lifestyle and we really like that.”

“The people here from my first impression are extremely friendly,” Linda shared with Dear Tourist.

“Everyone says hello. It is really nice. It was so hot when we got off the plane with our jumpers. At home it is about 1 degree right now,” Libby added.

Linda explained: “I have a feeling that the locals here in Samoa are easier to speak to. Some of the other islands, they seem to be more reserved.

“For example, where I lived on the Pitcairn Island, this is a completely different one because there is only a population of 45.”  

“But compared to Tahiti and Vanuatu, the people are a little shyer and more reserved than here in Samoa. I really like that here already.”  

The group is staying for one week and leave on Sunday. Linda and her daughter plan to go to Savai’i before they leave. 

 “It seems to be a very good place for relaxing, but I think there is plenty to do here as well, you will not get bored easily,” Linda said.

They are staying at the Travellers Point Hotel in town.

Even after their short stay in Samoa, for Libby it will not be their last.

“I have no chance this time to go to Savai’i, but I definitely will come back and next time will go there. Probably I will try other Pacific Islands like Fiji, Vanuatu and Rarotonga as well, I would like to,” Libby said. 

“Who knows maybe one day I can come back because my husband hasn’t been here,” Linda added.

By Anina Kazaz 15 June 2018, 12:00AM

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