Junior shooters boost S.S.F. membership

By Marj Moore 06 December 2016, 12:00AM

Heavy rain in the late afternoon of Saturday, did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the participants at the 2016 National Shotgun tournament.

And despite having begun the day in brilliant sunshine, local and overseas competitors adjusted to the changeable weather and continued to produce some great results.

Earlier in the day, formalities began with the Samoa Shooting Federation (S.S.F.) president, Papalii Francis Caffarelli welcoming the Minister of Education Sports and Culture, Loau Keneti Sio, the president of the Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committees, Patrick Fepuleai and the local and overseas participants.  

A feature of the competition this year, was the inclusion of four junior shooters - Meraul Loibl, Vardia Caffarelli, Grace Fa’auiga and Jalani Moeono. All four showed poise beyond their years and experience at competition level, competing creditably alongside shooters -  some who have shot in Oceania and Commonwealth competitions.   

The Met Cup competition was held first with shooters in a competition of three shotgun disciplines. The trophies and prizes are provided by members of the visiting Auckland Metro Shooting Club 

In the A grade, after tying for first place, Tagaloa Toddy Iosefa of the Apia Clay Targets Club held out in a shoot off with Fata Paul Loibl of Le Pe’a to emerge as the winner of the Highest Overall in the Met Cup. They were closely followed by Papalii Frances Caffarelli from the Alliance Club and Rob Maskell from New Zealand.

Rosalie Maskell, N.Z. narrowly beat Steve Beall, N.Z. and Niko Caffarelli, Le Pea to win first place in the B grade section while the Junior competition was won by Meraul Loibl who won a shoot off from Vardia Caffarelli with Jalani Moeono in third place. 

Following this competition, the shooters then began the national shooting as individuals and team events in the disciplines of Double Barrel, Points Score and Single Barrel.

With a four way tie in Double Barrel for first place, it took another shoot off to decide the placings of Highest Overall, first second and third. Ultimately they came out in the following order of Marc Fisk N.Z., Tagaloa Toddy Iosefa, Fata Paul Loibl and Daryl Bott, NZ.

In B grade, David Asi headed off Rosalie Maskell and Niko Caffarelli to take out first place while Vardia beat Meraul and Grace for first place in the Juniors competition.

Points Score was a different story with Fata Siggy Levi a clear winner in A grade ahead of Rob Maskell, Fata Loibl and Lole Stowers in the other placings. The B grade competition was narrowly won by Ray Faumuina Pereira ahead of Niko Caffarelli and Steve Beall. Grace took the Junior section from Vardia and Meraul.

Lole Stowers was out in front and just too good in the Single Barrel A grade section with 49 out of a possible 50 but it took a shoot off between the tied scores of Tagaloa, young Franco Caffarelli and his father Papalii Frances Caffarelli, before the other placings were decided.

B grade scores were also close with Rosalie in first place, Niko second and Ian Mackie, N.Z third. Vardia Caffarelli made it a family affair featuring with her father and brother in the placings and won the Junior section.

Lole Stowers 239 combined scores for Double Barrel, Points Score and Single Barrel saw him achieve the Highest Overall Aggregate followed by Fata Siggy Levy on 237 and Fata Paul Loibl and Rob Maskell tied in third place with 236.

The competition concluded with dinner and a prize giving ceremony at Travellers Point Hotel.


A Grade B Grade

Highest Overall – Tagaloa Toddy Iosefa 47 1st Rosalie Maskell 44

1st Fata Paul Loibl 47 2nd Steve Beall 43

2nd Papalii Frances Caffarelli 46 3rd Niko Caffarelli 41

3rd Rob Maskell 44  

Juniors: 1st Meraul Loibl 33; 2nd Vardia Caffarelli; 3rd Jalani Moeono 


2016 Samoa Shooting Federation Nationals Shotgun Competition

Double Barrel

A Grade B Grade

Highest Overall – Marc Fisk 49 1st David Asi 47

1st Tagaloa Toddy Iosefa 49 2nd Rosalie Maskell 46

2nd Fata Paul Loibl 49 3rd Niko Caffarelli 46

3rd Daryl Bott 49 

Juniors: 1st Vardia Caffarelli 44; 2nd Meraul Loibl, 3rd Grace Fa’auiga

Team Events: 1st NZ A 144; 2nd Alliance 141; 3rd Le Pe’a 139  


Points Score

A Grade B Grade

Highest Overall – Fata Siggy Levy 147 1st Ray Pereira 139

1st Rob Maskell 145 2nd Niko Caffarelli 138

2nd Fata Paul Loibl 144 3rd Steve Beall 134

3rd Lole Stowers 142

Juniors: 1st Grace Fa’auiga 126; 2nd Vardia Caffarelli 3rd;  Meraul Loibl 

Team Events: 1st NZ A 423; 2nd Le Pe’a 421; 3rd ACT 412 


Single Barrel

A Grade B Grade

Highest Overall – Lole Stowers 49 1st Rosalie Maskell 41

1st Tagaloa Toddy Iosefa 45 2nd Niko Caffarelli 41

2nd Franco Caffarelli 45 3rd Ian Mackie 41

3rd Papalii Frances 45 

Juniors: 1st Vardia Caffarelli, 39; 2nd Meraul Loibl 3rd Grace Fa’auiga  

Team Events: 1st Alliance A, 134; 2nd NZ A, 126; 3rd ACT B, 124


HIGHEST OVERALL AGGREGATE: 1st Lole Stowers, 239; 2nd Fata Siggy Levy 237; 3rd= Fata Paul Loibl and Rob Maskell 236.

By Marj Moore 06 December 2016, 12:00AM

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