Wishing Life Away

Think a minute…Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? At the beach? Away on a nice holiday? At Disneyland? Many of us spend a lot of our time wishing we were somewhere else. When we’re at work we wish we were home relaxing. We wish we had a different job and career or a different boss. We wish we were rich.

But we can wish our life away. The simple fact is we’re not somewhere else, we’re right here! Meantime, life is passing us by while we spend our time making retirement plans. Then, even if we finally get something we wished for, we still keep wishing for something more because it’s become our state of mind—always wishing for something else. So we don’t even enjoy the things we already do have.

So don’t wait until you’re not too busy before you get close to your kids. Enjoy them now. They’ll never be this age again. Don’t wait until you buy or build that new house or until you make more money. And don’t wait until you retire, because then you might be too tired! You see, each day is made to have its own special experiences and memories of fun, love, and lessons to learn. So grab and squeeze every bit of life you can out of today, because this day will never come back again!

A very successful woman said, “Do your best this moment, so you can be prepared and  in the best place for your next moment and opportunity.”  That’s why Jesus promises all His followers that if we are faithful and productive with our small responsibilities now, then He will bless us with bigger opportunities later. But first, we must decide to start living for Jesus His successful, right way every day of our life. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way and always wishing you had more? Jesus will take charge of your life and help you to fully enjoy what you already have, as well as all the more that He wants to give you.  Just Think a Minute

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