Power play

Think a minute…They say, “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!” Little boys are happy with a small, simple toy truck, but later when we’ve become macho men, we want bigger, more sophisticated trucks.

There’s something else that few of us seem to outgrow:  power games. We still want to be the “top dog.” We will manipulate or use people to get what we want, whether it’s money, status, or a position of power. After awhile, playing power games simply becomes our way of living.

We talk negatively about coworkers so we’ll look better than them. We act like we’re humble in public, when we actually want to be recognized and given that position or title of status.

We play power games in the office, our village, in sports, at school, even in our marriage.  Husbands don’t really show and express our love to our wife because we think we’ll lose the power and control in our marriage. So we want our wife to remain insecure and not sure if we really love her. But it’s not just men who play power games, women do too. Like the mother who won’t allow her children to see their grandparents. Some women even use sex to control and manipulate their husbands.

But friend, even if you won every single power game you played. Do you realize that 50 years from now, your title or position of power you fought for won’t make any difference to your life? In fact, the satisfaction you think you’re getting from winning those childish power games by stepping on and hurting other people will only come back later to haunt and hurt you. You see, we always get back what we give others—whether it’s good or evil. It’s called planting and reaping.

Jesus says there’s only one position of power that will make all the difference in your life, both now and when you die. That’s whether you’ve become a child of God or not. As they say, “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.”

So have you asked Jesus to forgive you for all your wrongs and living for yourself?  Then have you asked Him to take charge and start changing your heart and way of living every day?  You see, your daily personal relationship with Jesus is the only position of power that matters, and will give you real satisfaction that lasts.  Just Think a Minute…

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