Money mentalities (part 2)

Think a minute…Just the sound of the word money rings in our ears like the bell on a cash register. But in a marriage, it can be like the bell in a boxing match starting the next round of fighting.

Today let’s complete our discussion of how we can better manage money in our marriage, so our family can enjoy a more prosperous and peaceful life together.

Another money mentality is when the husband or wife uses money to control their mate. Like the husband who does not let his wife know how much money they have. He checks every little thing she buys, so he makes his wife feel like a child whom he does not trust and respect, instead of his partner in life. 

Then there is the “big spender” mentality. Like the “shop-aholic” wife who continually buys new things. She does not put her family’s needs first because she lacks the self-control in her spending.

She needs to grow up and put the needs of her husband and children before her compulsive, selfish spending. Someone said: “Just when you think you can make ends meet, someone moves the ends.” Sadly, big-spending wives and husbands keep moving the ends by their uncontrolled spending. 

So first and foremost, we must live within the limits of our income.

Spending more than you make will only land you and your family into serious, painful problems. Remember: “You’re only poor when you want more than you have.” Learn to be content with what you truly need.

Secondly, the important decisions you and your spouse make should be based on how fair and good it will be for your children. We need to teach our children by our good example how to use money well.

A wise person said: “Money talks and never listens—unless you make it listen.” It is up to us to take control and start changing our way of spending money. If you realize that your wife or husband is better at managing the money and bills, then you should let them do more of it. But most of all, you need to ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart, marriage, and way of using money. That is how you can lead your family into His way of enjoying a truly prosperous and peaceful life together. Just think a minute… 

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