“More than rules”

Think a minute…A hotel sign in Tokyo, Japan had this rule on it: “Is forbidden to steal towels please. If you are not person to do such is please not to read sign.” Someone said that rules are like a fence around us.

We need them to keep us inside so we won’t break out and hurt ourselves or others. We have rules at home, at work, at school, in sports, and for driving on the road. And if we move to another country and culture, we must learn to follow their rules.

Many people think Christians are a group of people who just try to follow strict, boring rules that are old fashioned and definitely not cool! They think Christians can’t have any fun or freedom in life. We can’t do this or that, can’t go here or there.

So they think being a Christian is like living inside a fence or prison wall that won’t let you out to have fun and enjoy life. But that’s not true Christianity! Jesus Christ Himself said He did not come to bring more rules to build a tighter fence around us so that we become prisoners. It’s just the opposite! Jesus said He came to set people free, so we won’t need rules to keep us honest or force us to love and forgive others.

Jesus isn’t nearly as interested in rules as He’s interested in YOU. He knows that if you’ll just let Him take full charge of your heart and character every day, He can start changing your life. Then you and I won’t be like children who need a lot of rules to tell us what and what not to do.

For example, if you truly love your neighbor, then you don’t need a rule to stop you from stealing from him, since you never steal from someone you really love and care about.

When God the Son changes our heart and character inside, then everything we do comes from the new person we’re becoming. Jesus’ love and power starts to set us free from being a prisoner to our selfish greed and dishonesty.

So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your wrong, self-centered heart? Then ask Him to start changing you, so you can enjoy the success and freedom of having Jesus’ character and life yourself, which is so much more than rules. Just Think a Minute…

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