The loneliest number (Part 2)

Think a minute…A rich and famous couple gave their baby girl the name Sunday. Her celebrity father explained why. He said: “When you do not have someone in your life…Sunday is the loneliest day…now that I have a family, Sunday has become my happiest day.”

Sadly, many people who have a spouse and children are still terribly lonely. Some are like “married singles.” They share a house with their spouse, yet they live separate lives like single people.

They slowly drift apart and away from the close, caring relationship they first had. Moreover, countless children feel like they are “home alone” with no real security of love, affection, attention, and wise teaching from their parents.  

Today in cities people are crowded closer together physically, yet they are pushed further apart emotionally, so they have very few close and meaningful relationships. Millions live lonely lives while they are surrounded by people everywhere.

Although they spend every day with hundreds of students at school, many young people do not have one close friend. Even that guy who is always joking and the life of the party may actually be deeply lonely, so he keeps desperately trying to win people’s approval and friendship.

Remember, in the beginning of creation loneliness was the first thing God said was not good. That is why He created woman: to share life with man. In fact, He made us humans specifically to share His love and life together with Him and each other.

That is why God is the only One who can take away your loneliness and fill that emptiness in your heart. He is the only one able to give you real love that will never leave or fail you. 

Our loneliness is actually our homesickness. We all have rebelled against our Father and Maker and ran away from home so we could live our own wrong way. But His arms are always open to forgive and welcome you back.

In fact, He loves you so much that He died to make the only way for you to come home to Him. All you need to do is sincerely ask Him to forgive you for all your wrong living, and to become your Lord, Father and Friend. Jesus knows exactly what you’re feeling and going through every moment of the day.

If you turn to Him He will guide and help you every step of the way. Won’t you take that first, most important step back home to Him today? Just think a minute…

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