Group honours ‘divine invitation’ to Israel

By Ilia L. Likou 02 July 2017, 12:00AM

A delegation from Samoa will soon head to Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles.

The group will be led by Pastor Cruise Westerlund, the Director of Supernatural Fellowship Ministry.

For Pastor Westerlund, the trip to Israel comes after years of studying doctrines of faith proclaiming the importance of Israel, the Holy Land and why every Christian must support Israel. 

 “My wife ‘Marissa’ and I have purposed that one day we will visit Israel.” Ps. Westerlund said.

“Intrigued by how God was able to preserve the legacy of the Israelites from centuries ago and up until today that same God still keeps his covenant defending Israel for his name’s sake.” 

“We knew we were destined to one-day set foot in this Historical Nation.”

While Pastor Westerlund and wife Marissa were in Fiji earlier this year, they had a “divine set up” which led them mysteriously to meet The Fijian National Director of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (I.C.E.J.) Pastor Mikaele Mudreilagi.

 “He mentioned that while attending the Feast through I.C.E.J., he hasn’t seen a Samoan representative in recent years.” 

“As he was speaking, my heart was melting with the presence of God so thick and tangible in Gloria Jeans Café, I was withholding my tears because God’s presence was so strong. I heard a gentle whisper from within as Pastor Mika was sharing about his mighty exploits.”

“As the conversation continued, I was trying my best to hold onto my tears because it felt so indescribable, just hearing the God of Israel inviting me over to His Holy Land, that made me feel so unworthy of such a privilege.”

Bible-based teachings have equipped Ps. Westerlund with the knowledge of how a believer should pray and defend God’s nation.

“I accepted the invitation with all humility and I was in awe by what God had prepared for me and my wife on that day.”

“I wept in that café like a little child with no words to express how thankful and grateful I was. Only The Lord can prepare something that extraordinary!”

“Only he can elevate us to positions that we don’t deserve. I knew from that moment on that God was inviting me and whoever that he shall summon to Israel.”

Pastor Westerlund and wife Marissa were also part takers of the first I.C.E.J. Oceania Conference took place in Fiji last month. 

“We represented Samoa as we joined together with other delegates from the South Pacific Region during this historical I.C.E.J. Oceania conference. From there, we were verified as I.C.E.J representatives and leaders to our beloved Nation ‘Samoa’.” 

Pastor Westerlund said this is a very important time for Samoa.

“I believe that we are living in the most important times where our support for Israel should be carried out in such a way, where tangible and verbal support should be evident.”

“We are happy to let you know that we have a solid number of 20 plus Samoans that are already fundraising for their fares in order to honor the call of God.”

The Feast of Tabernacles starts on the 6th to the 11th of October.

“We have been asked to take our National flag of Samoa in collaboration with several other nations from all over the globe to verify our support for Israel.”

What you will accomplish?

“This trip will strengthen and validate Samoa’s friendship to Israel, testify to the Jews that they have our support, will be life changing to our Samoan pilgrims walking in the Holy Land where Jesus himself walked and ministered.”

“We have a fundraising campaign that started already and our campaign’s goal is to reach ST$100,000.00.” 

“Funds from the campaign will be used to cover our Israel Core Team’s airfares, accommodations, and registration for The Feast Of Tabernacles, 2017 all donations will be sub-divided among our Israel Core Team.

“Every donation will be acknowledged in several ways. Any and every contribution will help ensure the success of our Israel trip.”

“I pray that The God of Israel will quicken your heart as He did mine for this trip. If you are meant to be there, he will personally confirm this invitation through someone else.”

“We strongly believe that something amazing and spectacular will happen in Israel this year. We believe that God Himself is personally beckoning our people to be participants of The Feast Of Tabernacles; particularly this year, 2017 is a chosen year of 50 years since a divided city.”

“Now, we Samoans can attend and fulfill our love to our God by showcasing our support and appreciation for Israel.”


Samoan pilgrims from SNF that are attending The Feast Of Tabernacles, 2017.


1. Cruise Westerlund

2. Marissa Westerlund

3. Robert Boat

4. Irene Boat

5. Jesse Devoe

6. Faapisa Aiono

7. Sanita Ioapo                                 

8. Launceston Wright          

9. Legatasia Kuresa                

10. Pati Karaiesetete 

11. Debra Ualesi

12. Irae Kubik 

13. Kerisiano Brown 

14. Emmanuel Lemoa

15. Alexander Strickland


Additional Samoan pilgrims joining SNF Ministry for The Feast Of Tabernacles, 2017 

16. Lolenese Hickey       

17. Bernie Tauaanae          

18. Moria Tauaanae 

19. Samuelu Tauaanae 

20. Rophe Tauaanae

21. Tinei Tauaanae

22. Setti Tauaanae 

23. Daniel Ngg Cho

24. Tuala Francis Westerlund

25. Peata Westerlund 





By Ilia L. Likou 02 July 2017, 12:00AM

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