It appears healthy but we are suffering

Dear Editor,

Thank you editor for your thought-provoking editorial titled “All those little big things add up.”

You wrote: “The abuse of women and children – despite all the awareness programmes – continues unabated.”

The criminals have the Court to thank, for their light sentences when committing these crimes except when Judge Nelson presides. 

These guys get off early enough to do it again.

You wrote: “And we find that life in paradise is not that pretty. It looks good from afar when in reality, the picture is a lot grimmer.”

“Come to think of it, don’t you think the poor state of Tafa’igata Prison is a reflection of Samoa in a way?”

“But when we step back a bit to take a look at the bigger picture, the idea that prisoners wander in and out of Tafa’igata Prison at will is a picture of Samoa.”

Samoa is like what the P.M. said. It’s a hospital not paradise. 

Samoa is a big hospital full of sickness and illnesses, such as corruption, theft, sexual abuse, physical abuse, collusion and many more. 

These infectious and incurable diseases normally found in government have become so contagious but the government refuses to implement the cure to heal them

“In this country, who is prosecuted and who is not? Who is carried and who is made to walk? Are there different laws for different people?”

We support Joseph Parker, but we ignore the thirsty and hungry. 

Some will take a flight to watch the fight, while the little guys take a few rounds to fetch enough water for the family. 

We charge the common people, but forbidden to charge the holy and sacred government officials.

So you’re right, all these little big things add up.

Usually after the euphoria of excitement and high, we might find that the government has passed something that they intentionally hide behind the high. Then we realize that in spite of the pictorial images of new structures rise to the sky in Samoa, and good news of a possible Samoan heavy weight World Boxing Champion, Samoa is still the same.

It appears healthy from the outside but sick and suffering with pain inside.

We promoted a man to be a god and Samoa got what they asked for.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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