Help Kueni with some crutches

By Aruna Lolani 14 June 2017, 12:00AM

When a part of you is broken, you feel like you’ve lost your purpose as well. 

Kueni Lemaga of Lalomauga and Falevao knows the feeling.

When the Village Voice approached Kueni yesterday, she was limping from one side of the road to the other.

Kueni is a farmer and given her current situation, she’s not capable of working in her plantation anymore. 

“I tumbled over something at my plantation and it broke my leg,” she tells the Village Voice.

“It feels like the veins are affected and it really hurts.”

“So I can’t really stand for a long time and I always have a hard time walking now.”

The 56-year-old said she misses working in her plantation but she can’t do anything regarding her situation.

 “My plantation is what I rely on because it helps me feed my husband, feed my children and it’s useful for obligations in our village.”

“I depend on the plantation but ever since I’ve been my leg has been affected, I cannot work anymore so I haven’t been to my plantation for a long time now.” 

“I stay home because of this situation.”

“My family is being strong and doing all my work for me now especially one of my sons who is taking care of the family.”

Kueni said the plantation is their only source of income and that’s why it’s important to her.

“We sell taro to get money to use for obligations of the village especially the church because for us, we never want to miss our contributions to our church minister and to any developments that’s good for the village.”

“And that’s why the plantation has become our source of income, you know sometimes our children cannot afford to help us all the time and when that happens, the plantation is there as another way to earn money.”

“But I can’t help out anymore with that because of my inability.”

“It’s always difficult and painful to walk but I try to because I don’t want to be like this forever.”

“Feeling like this makes me feel like I have lost my purpose in this world and I don’t like it.”

“It would be helpful if I have crutches to support me when I walk but unfortunately we can’t afford it.”

If you want to help out Kueni Lemaga with her situation, please contact her on 7665724 or 7753345.

By Aruna Lolani 14 June 2017, 12:00AM

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