Good Samaritans help family in need

A family at Salua, Manono-uta has a lot to be thankful for.

Thirty-one-year-old Asosa Tanuvasa and her family were featured in the Village Voice section of the Samoa Observer in January this year, where she spoke of her family’s struggle with a consistent water supply.

 On Friday, their prayers were answered.

The Director of Henderson Cars Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand, Muliagatele Shiu Singh responded by donating a water tank worth more than NZ$5,000 (T$8,777.23).

Muliagatele said a member of Ronin Group in New Zealand, Anthony Frost, helped him locate Mrs. Tanuvasa’s family after reading their story in the Samoa Observer.

“I’m very happy and pleased to be here helping the family who really need help here,” said Muliagatele. “I was initially introduced by Anthony Frost who is here with me, he came to my office back in Auckland and when I heard from him that this family has been waiting for water for the last seven years and nobody helped them, straight away I said okay.”

“When I heard the story, I immediately said yes and I told him as well that I will personally come to Samoa to help the family.”

“So it is a great feeling to help someone and I am thankful to Anthony for coming around and for giving me the opportunity to help this poor family especially with their need for water as I was told they had to walk very far just to fetch water.”

Muliagatele also surprised the family with grocery shopping, which would last them for some time. 

“You and your family never gave up despite the challenges that you went through, you kept your faith in God, you kept on trying with the hope that one day someone will come and help, so it’s not me but God who helped you through me.”

“Looking at the families out here and the people back home in New Zealand and Henderson Cars, we do support a lot for the Samoan community back home.”

“But there is a lot of help needed here in Samoa and people like Anthony Frost has introduced me to families over here and there are many more families who are in need of help and whatever we can do, we should put our shoulders together and help our people here.”

Muliagatele said when he returns to New Zealand, he will organize a team to fundraise and support people who genuinely need help. Mr. Frost said he requested people to help the Tanuvasa family, but no one agreed. 

“It has been a long hard slog and it has been difficult, but we didn’t give up and eventually we got here, so it’s fantastic,” he said.

 “Our group, Ronin Humanitarian New Zealand, got together and made the connection to Muliagatele and I turned up to his office and within five minutes he said yes.”

Mr. Frost said it’s always good to give a little back because it will surely go a long way for those who genuinely need it. 

“A lot of churches are distributing water tanks but this family they have been patiently waiting for seven years and so once I saw the story, I came out to see their living condition.”

“They are trying and this is the family that grows crops to sell and they have young children and the father of the family is constantly working and doing everything he can to help his family, and water is a necessity of life, if you don’t have water you struggle definitely.”

Mrs. Tanuvasa acknowledged the help of Muliagatele and Mr. Frost.

“I cannot find the right words to describe how I feel at the moment,” she told the Sunday Samoan.

“I no longer have to walk far to fetch water and most especially my children. God has seen our struggle and He has sent an angel to help us.”

“But none of this would happen if it wasn’t for the Samoa Observer programme that we were able to tell of our struggle.”

“We all know our people; they are so embarrassed to tell of their struggle but if there is one thing I’ve learned from this, is that there are people who are willing to help.”

Mrs. Tanuvasa said there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

“So I want to especially thank the newspaper for the programme as well as the good Samaritans who bought not only a water tank, but also food.”

To offer assistance, Help Samoa is offering free scheduled delivery to all Upolu Village Voice families.

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