They must be Samoans

Re: I’ve never been burnt, P.M. 

“Tuilaepa added that the late Rev. Fauolo was an intelligent, honest and straightforward person”

The P.M. always muddy the gospel by using God’s servants to do his dirty work, but I’ve got bad news for you. I don’t trust most of pastors who seek employment in the church instead of being called to serve God.

 “There are 50 brains who are working with the A.G, some lawyers have two degrees,” he said. “They are highly intelligent people working to serve our country.”

I believed those are paper degrees not brain degrees, right. They may be intelligent people but these kinds of laws show they lack necessary wisdom.

“We no longer have those people who agree to things yet do not even know what is going on. In Samoa today, we have our chiefs drafting our laws and our chiefs passing our laws.”

I remembered when P.M. Tuilaepa himself said when amending election laws that only matai are allow to contest election, and that get a matai title was as easy as buying a loaf of bread, which means title was of little values, no longer the way to the authority is serve. 

So just buy one, many of these matais probably never squatted down to lit a fire for the saka, e le’i iloa fo’i fai se fa’apusa o le umu. 

“That is the difference between New Zealand and Australia. When you talk about New Zealand’s communal land, you are talking about Maori lands. The question is who is running their Government? It’s not Maoris; rather it’s being dominated by people from here and there. There are Tongans, Chinese, and Samoans and yet the Maoris have no say about their lands.”

Thanks for supporting our cause, you’d finally admitted to the plight of the Maoris and the Aborigines. Just like the Torrens system that you’d finally came out and admitted to it.

And looking at the list of people from here and there who are running the government of NZ on the Maori land, it shows that they had a lot of investors investing on the Maori lands until they took over.

“He said there are people overseas who look like Samoans and they only come here to receive their chiefly titles.”

So they do look like Samoans? You know today in Samoa there are a lot of matais they don’t look Samoans. 

“Tuilaepa added that most of them can’t speak Samoan and even when they speak English, the grammar is shocking.”

The grammar is shocking? I guess that just proves it, English is not their language, they must be Samoans.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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