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Helpline soon

So far so good for Samoa Airways, or so we’ve told.

But a good source told B.T.L. that the airline could soon be asking for some financial help to cushion the blows of the tough aviation industry it is trying desperately to crack.

B.T.L. understands that U.T.O.S. might be asked to help.

An official said the assistance requested is in the tune of millions of tala.

Interesting times ahead.

But let’s wait and see.


Sale fares?

A furious village elder had a lot of not nice things to say that certainly cannot be printed when he visited a travel agency to pay for a ticket to Auckland recently.

Having seen and heard about specials that could come down to as low as $400 one-way, the elder was excited and so he went.

He could picture his nice trip to Auckland to see his aiga.

But nothing prepared him for what he was about to be told.

He was nearly blown out the door when he was told it was $936 tala for a one-way ticket to Auckland. 

What’s worse, there was only one seat left. 

The next cheapest seat was more than $1,000.

Let’s just say he didn’t pay. 

He’s waiting for the Christmas fare sales. And back to Savai’i he went.


Tax debate sore points  

It looks like the Government’s attempt to revive issues of the Savali from the Germany colonial days has backfired.

In rebutting the claim, the General Secretary of the E.F.K.S. has countered it by accusing the Government of failing to shake their colonial mentality. He said it was the suffering caused by such colonial attitudes that motivated the move by Samoa’s ancestors to be independent.

What’s more, he even poked fun at the often used and abused claim about authority. If all authorities are from God, what does this say about Hitler’s authority, he asked. Is that from God too?

We wonder what Stui will say next?

Stay tuned!

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