An insanely talented mother

By Aruna Lolani 05 March 2017, 12:00AM

R.L.S.S. dance routine choreographed by Lina Leapai. A loving wife and a mother to three children, but Lina Leapai is no ordinary woman. 

Lina Leapai happens to be one insanely talented mother.

Besides being a family woman, she’s known for her amazing Polynesian dancing skills as she has her own dance group called ‘Le Tava’esina Samoa’, currently entertaining for Taumeasina Island Resort fiafia nights on Wednesdays. 

The 40-year-old has been passionate about dancing all her life. 

She believes she was born to do this and with that she never once thought about giving up. 

 “After our last show at Samoa Tradition resort we had a six months break. After that I had to start looking for another opportunity to dance again,” she said.

“It wasn’t easy looking but dancing is what I love to do and this is my source of income. This is the kind of business I run and it’s more than enough.”

It was a long search for opportunities but it was worth it because one of the most known resort in Samoa; Taumeasina Island Resort handed them the opportunity she needed. 

Blessings on blessings came for her once one door opened up. 

“We have invitations from families in Australia to perform at their reunions and wedding."

“They’ve seen our videos so that’s how they ended up knowing about us."

Lina added on “I also teach Polynesia dance for the Robert Louis Stevenson Primary School and I have been doing that for three years."

“I know this helps a lot with the little ones that want to grow up to be great dancers especially with the Samoan dance."

With dancing as her passion, Lina also has another job on the side as a fitness trainer at JPs Gym and fitness training is one of the many things she loves. 

Lina went on to say that what she does now for a living, she fell in love with it when she was only ten years old. 

“I’ve never attended any dance schools when I was little to become this good of a dancer; I was born with this talent." 

“I started off dancing in church activities and that’s basically where my interest was built."

“Then after that I went on to participate in school dances and at the same time in school, I started liking playing sports. In fact, I was a sprinter at Pesega College in 1991." 

“I performed dancing and singing at talent shows and in 1992, I joined the Margarettas dance group. I was fourteen at the time."

“After that, I moved to Kitano Tusitala for their Polynesian show and then from that time, I was the leader of the dance group and when I became the lead dancer, I had confidence built inside of me and I just became better and better in dancing."

“So after Kitano Tusitala, I moved to Pago and that’s where I gained more knowledge about dancing because I was able to travel out of Samoa."

In 1994, Lina Leapai met her husband and they decided to start their own dance group to teach and share them the knowledge and skills she has from her experience.

And she did and they started off performing at special occasions and in 1995, she lead a tour for her dance group of five girls at the time in New Zealand and Australia

Nothing good in this life ever comes easy and that’s why she has tried her best to manage her time wisely for everything. 

 “I got married when I was still in school so I didn’t finish school but that didn’t stop me from pursuing what I love. 

“From that age, I already knew what I wanted to do and I would say right now, there is nothing difficult about my life as a mother and a wife.

“I try to balance out everything in my life.

“When it’s work time, it’s work time but I have time for my family and most importantly for church.

“Sure there are challenges because when you’re self employed, you have a lot of time being spent on thinking about new ideas that can change the routines up a little everyday so that everyone will always be interested in coming to watch.

“But that’s why I appreciate my family and my team with all of their support with what I do because it helps me avoid negativity. 

And with that, this insanely talented woman made it her mantra that any woman can build their own world no matter how hard life is. 

“What I do for a living gives me happiness.

“I am blessed and truly thankful to God that I have this talent because without his guidance, I don’t think I would come this far. 

 “These are all talents from God, and every time I perform it, I do feel proud of myself.”

By Aruna Lolani 05 March 2017, 12:00AM

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