He tamed the mosquito and swallowed the camel

Dear Editor,


The cash-strapped Samoa Rugby Union, “undernourished, hungry journalists” and professional politicians; as you had editorialised.

Vorge Bainimarama and his cousin Stui is like the warm cousie-bro relationship between the two hottest political elements in the world, Donald the Trump and Jung Un the Kim.

When the war of wards between the two were flaring red ambers, we all had thought one’s finger had near hit the nuclear karching boom button.

But when the two had met recently in Singapore, they were like gay men hugging intimately while their wives were watching like in the Cinderella and the Seven Dwarves.

That is the nature of the political protocol beast; leave the dirty laundry in the washhouse and bring diplomacy to showcase the lead by example to the front.

That then would define what a practical politician is as they are the face of the country.

Just like what we often hear when the best show in town is in session; we hear the screaming tone as if they are tearing one another down then we see the very people drinking ‘ava and laughing. Or, we see them having a coffee or tea in a CBD bar Downtown.

Or the more common WWE warning: Don’t do this at home: They are professional showmen.

Talking about sports though; the World Rugby must understand the facts of matters as Samoa Rugby Union Chairman had said in the past regarding the language barrier, that some of our sons have encountered.

Despite the tone of his proffer, and to my bereft for the vicious ruse, English to most team members is the same as me, a second language of course.

Hence the intellect and morality of the grotesque had been proven in the past by the first most successful coach of Manu Samoa, Su’a Peter Schuster.

And of course the 2011 Manu Samoa Coach and current immediate unfairly terminated Head Coach, Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua.

Ironically so Sir, at this very moment around the world being lead by the #metoo juxtapose to help foil the wrath and vengeance of bullying and intimidation, here we are right at this very moment Sir, the World Rugby is making itself the incredulous mammoth of a giant bully.

It is imperative in life the directive and information is received and understood.

But indeed of course, World Rugby is just that. Nothing but a “spooky giant bully”. They do not want to know or admit it but that is the truth of matters from my perspective.

World Rugby has to stop this festering hostile sycophantic bigheaded tactic.

If it really wants to make rugby to become, like the number one sport in the world, Soccer, then work together with the Tier 2 etc. ranks.

 There is no need to wave the rhythm stick to rein minnows into line.

There is no need to tell but ask all stakeholders in a more humane and professional manners to coalesce the rugby fraternities and make the sport a friendly game for big and small to enjoy.

World Rugby should not make itself to dictate but liaise.

Same also for Samoa Rugby Union; it is part of the problem. Treat each team member with utmost respect whether a kid or a mere son.

Treat unto others what I would expect from them for me.

Like what Mr. Chairman had said; no need to be selfish. Indeed Mr. Chairman, respect is a privilege we all must work hard to earn; not a right.

But in the Manu Samoa campaign for the 2011 World Cup, Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua was the Head Coach. The team was playing extremely well but the management was making themselves idiots that caused Mase Mahonri Schwalger to write that infamous letter to the Samoa Rugby Union.

We all know the stupid idiots at the Samoa Rugby Union sacked Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua and from there on Mase Mahonri Schwager was not picked for Manu Samoa despite him being the best hooker in the Super Rugby.

And their (Fuimaono and Mase) crime?

For being of course playing too well in the 2011 Rugby World Cup being held in Auckland, New Zealand. Remember that indicative obnoxious era Mr. Editor and all?

The essence of 2011 up to now, is what we are seeing. Manu Samoa is nothing but a reprehensible imperil mediocrity freakish.

The coach for Manu Samoa has to understand and speaks the Samoa language very, very, very well to enable the Samoa based players to learn and improve their knowledge of playing rugby.

Otherwise, it is utterly nonsense and waste of time and money for World Rugby to provide funds and the team players especially Samoa based players who’s only language to speak and understand is Samoa.

If World Rugby wants to help Manu Samoa, its focus is to develop the skills of the non English speaking players from the whole of Samoa; not just the Apia based players.

And now, Mr. Samoa Rugby Union Chairman is admitting the fact, that money truly dictates matters of life.

As history Mr. Editor would bring back a New Zealand Merchant banker Fay Richwhite being a major sponsor of Manu Samoa under the stewardship of the recent late La’auli Alan Grey as Chairman, with other sponsors lining up to put their names on Manu Samoa jerseys.



He (Present Chairman) swooshed in with the gavel in hand slamming table top and took over the helm wanting to return Manu Samoa to base in Samoa not Auckland, no interest to support any foreign intervention.

And what now?

Only S.I.F.A., not Samoa and not New Zealand in the Pacific, but the perilous geopolitical of the northern hemisphere imperial power returning to colonise the small Pacific archipelago in another form.

This time, bullying and intimidation in sport.

So Mr. Editor: Are you sure the guy had swallowed only his pride?

Because I had thought, he had tamed the mosquito and swallowed the camel! And of course history is coming back to bite him on the rear end.

Ouch! That’s hurting!!! With my utmost respect,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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