Above the law

Think a minute…Does a thief steal because he’s a thief? Or, is he a thief because he steals? Studies show that over 80% of criminals who have been in prison and then freed after serving their time are back in prison for the same crime in less than 1 year!

So back to our question:  Does a thief steal because he’s a thief? Or, is he a thief because he steals?  The answer:  he steals because he’s a thief. We do what we do because of what we are inside.

Jesus said that you and I can still be a murderer even if we don’t murder anyone. If we hate somebody and wouldn’t mind if someone else killed that person, then we also are a murderer in our heart. 

Jesus said that if we lust and desire to have sex with someone who’s not our wife or husband, then we’ve already committed adultery because in our heart we are an adulterer.

Jesus’ way of living is far above the law. It goes beyond just the minimum, small requirements of the law which simply try to keep society civil. But God did not create you and me just so we would not cheat or steal from our enemy. He designed us to love our enemy. Jesus knows that if we truly love and care about a person, then we don’t need a law to keep us from cheating or stealing from them!

When you and I do something good to impress and look good in front of others, Jesus sees and judges our wrong heart and motives even for doing those good things. Jesus wants us to do them because we genuinely love Him and others, not for our own self-centered pride and good image in front of people.

You’re probably thinking:  “If Jesus’ commands are that high above the law, then is anyone that good and perfect?!” Of course not! No one is! That’s exactly why Jesus came:  to finally change our heart and character inside. The law can only punish us for our crime, but it cannot change us on the inside. Jesus came to finally take the dishonest thief out of us, so to speak.

So why not ask Jesus to forgive you for your wrong heart and way of living right now?  Ask Him to start changing you inside into a new person. It’s only with His character and nature in charge of your heart, that you can finally enjoy the freedom of living above the law for the rest of your life.  Just Think a Minute…

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