Reverend Vavatau, matai do pay taxes

Dear Editor,

I write regarding your article title “Church secretary cautions against colonial mindset”.

I am baffled why Reverend Vavatau dabs into the colonial trap set up by the honourable prime minister of Samoa. It now appears certain, Reverend Vavatau has shown obvious sign he is no man of God as he previously claimed but truly human, who is lost amongst men in the wilderness.

He should not be worried at all about matters pertaining to a secular government. Samoa is in the best human-money-brains available in our modern history ever. The reasons being, is to make every reasonable attempts to collect any tax owing, to help for the development of Samoa.

Reverend Vavatau should not worry about the past but give his utmost to be very very, very worried about the present when the government would start issuing the garnishee orders to recoup tax owing and corners any taxpayers trying to escape their contribution responsibilities to the independent State of Samoa.

As the honourable Minister of Revenue had declared the power vested upon his tasks to issue the garnishee orders to take money from a bank account, or take any freehold land and properties to reimburse tax owing. He should start doing that right now. Time for talk is over.

I crave for my government to show force and give me sign of hope that she’ll do the utmost best to stand ground against any taxpayer and confiscate all the assets to help pay for the development projects.

Mr. Vavatau should give his 200 per cent to talk about church ministers only. He has no right none or whatsoever to speak on my behalf as a paramount chief (matai).

Mr. Vavatau must understand, the matai of Samoa have been paying taxes long before Samoa had gained self-governance and are still paying taxes right to this very moment.

All the matai working as doctors, nurses, police officers, government employees, news reporters, news editors, camera-people, sound recorders etc. etc., or the matai working for the private sectors are paying taxes.

All Reverend Vavatu and his cronies are engaged in is the protecting of the monopoly the C.C.C.S. church ministers have been exploiting for far too many years. It is time to come back to planet earth and start doing human stuff paying taxes.

I can see the worried human is fearing the wealth being depleted when the tax component is deducted for Caesar to help run Rome. 

Rev. Vavatau is still interpreting the issue to his advantage and is showing his being a truly human; he acts no man of God at all.

For my government to continue giving this church more time is not acceptable at all. The government has to show me leadership by example quality and treat everyone the same; one tax law for all.

With my utmost regards,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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