Protecting the vulnerable children of Samoa

Dear Editor,


I want to say something about the thinking that if the PM continues to refuse to do anything about child poverty and protection cause by a growing gap between the rich and the poor while still being committed to growth and development that the paedophiles will soon start to arrive on the cruise ships seeking out vulnerable children. 

As sad as this consequence is it may take this for the people of Samoa to say no more we can no longer witness this kind of suffering. It may take tremendous suffering for there to be action to stop these crimes. 

Like your tough love idea on withholding remittances and only after real suffering will people stand up and demand the government address social problems, which are a result of his commitment to growth and development. Thailand is starting to see that they must protect their vulnerable children because the AIDS epidemic was costing their health system too much. 

I hope Samoa will protect its children before it comes to this.


Wendy W.

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