Parking meters should’ve been introduced years ago

Dear Editor,

I write with regards to your editorial “Parking meters a necessary headache.” I would say Sir, that parking meters should have been happening many years ago to curb the bludgers’ silly thought though, that parking free in downtown Apia CBD is a right rather a privilege of generosity.

You see Sir, there are so many people who had or would have thought; for instance the free-rides by the CCCS church ministers’ whose widely held belief for so many years, that they are immune from paying taxes.


That so Sir was a privilege of generosity by the people of Samoa however was never a birth God’s given right.

That was an advantage granted unto them to enjoy however now, the people of Samoa has every right to withdraw at our will, at any given time.

Ostensibly, the indicative perverse resistance for the mere fact just to protect the monopoly however the long arm of the law, will always prevail to perish all in the way of transformation for the future generations of Samoa.

The very same herein Mr. Editor.

Those valuable pieces of real estate in downtown Apia CBD, have been exploited for far too long by vehicle owners to gain freebees.

Bare that in mind Mr. Editor, Samoa now is longer a Least Develop Country UN tag where for so many years Samoa had access free handouts in the kindness of aid donors around the world.

This is time for our country to live on our pride and earn our existence as an independent sovereign country; we got to earn it Mr. Editor.

We can no longer wait for the Angels to appear between the clouds descending from Heaven above to hand unto us the goodies on a golden chalice.

No Mr. Editor and all; we have to earn from our sweat, blood and bare hands and God will lead us to the promised land.

Through my government, is the Will of Lord God Almighty! Make your contribution; give!

But! I really don’t agree with the installation roadshow; rather should have been taking place right now though, is to send the most honest staff members to heaven for the Angels above to train to make sure every dollar collected is accountable for.

And, to make sure of course measures are in the makings to prevent no idiots to make a new career to capitalise the initiative by going around town with some cutting equipment at night to haul the loot from the meters.

Now the CEO has admitted, the nitty-gritty of so many loose ends to tangle up first with months (if not years) ahead to implement the parking meters; would not it be wise to keep them in the boxes to prolong the working life?

Now the equipment is exposed to dust, wind, rain, sun, vandals, birds watching their image on the glass and the deadly droppings; what’s the logic to introduce them to the wolves so early Mr. Hon. Minister?

Can’t wait for this to happen Mr. Editor; I will be the happiest commuter in Apia; a huge fa’afetai to the Honourable Minister of LTA for the great forward thinking.

Easy for me to offer support when I normally walk from Palisi to town or sometimes, I ride my pushbike.

Perhaps now they are concocting a recipe to charge me for parking my pushbike? But at least I save the environment doing harm though!

With my utmost respect.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 



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