Classroom of life

Think a minute…Remember when you were in school? You know who’s best at doing tests, but you don’t know who will succeed at the tests of life.

By the time we’ve finished 10-12 years of school, we’ve learned some accounting with debits and credits, but we’ve still not learned how to truly forgive our debtors and people who have wronged and hurt us.

We know what direction Japan is, but we’re not sure which way we should go in life. In school, we learn how to do everything except how to live!

It’s after we finish school that we must start learning how to live in the classroom of real life. So who is the right teacher for us? Who can best teach us how to live well? Isn’t it logical that whoever invented life is the One Who knows how life best works?

This is on of the reasons Jesus Christ became a human being—as the Teacher of real living. He explains and shows us the way God designed life to be lived. That’s why Jesus is the only person in history who could ever come back to life after dying and being buried for 3 days. He’s still teaching today! So we would be smart to listen and do everything He tells us are the principles for living a successful and satisfying life.

If you put your life in Jesus’ hands, He will work everything together for good in your life. Jesus will show you what to do about your boss who is unfair to you.

He’ll teach you how to pay back your debts and manage your money problems. Jesus will show you what you can do so your child won’t feel so angry and rebel against you. He’ll show you how to change and improve your marriage relationship. And Jesus will help you do your best in school.

Jesus can even use your mistakes to teach you lessons on how to live well and right. But you must first join His class. So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for living your wrong way, and ask Him to become your life’s teacher in charge of your life. Then, He can start showing you how your life was made to really work the way you want it to. Just Think a Minute…

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