Regime change in Damascus

Re: Syrian truce receives new blows

Very clear now that the U.S. is not going to give up on its designs for regime change in Damascus. It just violated a truce and bombed the Syrian army, murdering 62 soldiers and wounding more than a hundred others, thereby allowing the terrorists to regain vital territory. It simply doesn’t get any more blatant than that. 

Of course, they claimed it was a mistake, just like they did last time when they killed a whole bunch of civilians, but if the world’s major super power is really that incompetent, then we are all in extremely grave danger, surely. Fact is they were never invited there in the first place. 

They invited themselves and claimed they were fighting I.S.I.S., the name attributed to the Wahhabi terrorists they themselves armed and supplied in the first place. For fully a generation after WWII America made war on East Asia in the name of fighting communism. 

The next generation witnessed the war on Central America, also based on that false premise. And for the past generation they have been waging war on the Middle East, destroying one nation after another - Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. 

They’re using drones in Pakistan and Somalia, supporting Saudi as it bombs schools, hospitals and weddings in Yemen, and financing Israel as it continues its ethnic cleansing of the native population. 

Meanwhile the Western media ignores much of this and points the finger at Putin or whoever as a diversion, because it thinks that we are really, really stupid.


Mustafa Kemal

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