Beware of false hopes

Dear Editor

Re: Open your eyes Samoa and see what is really happening

Mr. Editor, you’ve got yourself a powerful tool to be used to warn our people of the false hope that the government is preaching through consultations. The village councils and families must now be informed to be wise in dealing with a very deceptive and subtle government.

Village councils and extended families are being wounded with their eyes open, mentally beaten down to submission by this government in order to give up their remaining gifts from above, (O measina ma tuupalpala aiga) not realizing the power they possessed. But if they are willing to be wounded serpents, then there is no tomorrow for the whole of Samoa, but if they choose to be as wise as serpents, then there is great hope for tomorrow. 

Whatever happened to those impressive paper degrees our P.M. received to make himself look mighty and all-knowing preaching to the nation there is nothing to worry about, we are able to service the debt? Now what? From the do-nothing crowd, all of sudden they are holding meeting after meeting and consultation after consultation in a desperate effort to rob the whole country in order to service the debt. It is now time for Samoan to help his fellow man and open them up to the real truth to make them see through the government’s plan of deception and desperation. The Prime Minister and his government possessed power that was given to them by the people, and they are able to exercise it with confidence and courage because our people have been totally and utterly tamed.

The only way to remove that confidence from the government is if the people pick themselves up, and tell themselves that they cannot be controlled or ruled by another, stand up with confidence and then courage and self respect, self determination, and self ownership will be restored. And the government will be perplexed with confusion because no one listens and obeys anymore, because our people are no longer on their knees but are standing up. And your children and grandchildren will have a great lesson to refer to, when they go through the same situation in their hour of despair. This should be our prayer; that God will open our nation’s understanding.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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