Older and better

Think a minute…An older man I know was walking back to his office after eating lunch. On the way back he met a friend, so he stopped and they talked a few minutes. 

As they were saying goodbye to each other the old guy said to his friend:  “When we met just now, which way was I walking? To my office or to the restaurant?”  His friend answered, “You were walking to your office.” 

The old man smiled and said:  “OK, I guess that means I’ve already had my lunch, so I better get back to work now.”  That poor old guy’s memory was so short, he really didn’t know if he was coming or going!

It seems no matter how hard we try, none of us can stop from getting older. 

Aging is a natural law and process we simply can’t stop or change. We can exercise, eat only healthy food, take vitamins, use all the best lotions and oils on our skin, but we’re still getting older every day. 

And if it’s true that our memory is the first to go, then I know I’m well on my way!

It’s sad that many people become grouchy, mean, or impatient as they grow older. But in fact, it should be just the opposite. As we grow older, we should grow sweeter, kinder, more gentle and accepting of others’ faults. We should become more compassionate and understanding of other people’s needs and problems, since we’ve learned how easy it is for us to make mistakes. We should just become more caring and forgiving.

Friend, if you want to get better with age, then today you can ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and take full charge of your heart and character every day. 

He’s the only One Who can help you start changing daily into the person you really want to be. 

That’s how you can enjoy even more the second half of your life, as you grow older—and better.  

Just Think a Minute …

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