Divide and Conquer

Think a minute…Millions of children today come from broken families. But have you ever wondered if children of divorced parents totally get over it? Do they bounce back to live truly healthy, happy lives? Or are there any long-term damages done to kids by their parents divorcing?

Recent statistics show that 90 percent of children from divorced families experienced serious shock, grief, and fears. 50 percent felt rejected and abandoned.

One third of the kids feared being left even by the parent they were still living with. Two thirds experienced extreme loneliness for their other parent they were not living with. And surprisingly, 37 percent of the children were even more unhappy 5 years after the divorce than they were when it first happened. In other words, time did not heal their wounds and pain.

After the children of divorced parents grew up, 40 percent of them never married, compared to only 16 percent of children who grew up with both their parents. Children of divorce were more likely to use drugs and alcohol before age 14. They had less social skills and confidence, and were less successful at university.

They were also more likely to commit crimes. Girls whose parents divorced experimented with sex at an earlier age and were more likely to get pregnant as unmarried teenagers. In fact, the evidence is very strong that the damage from divorce in one way or another lasts a lifetime.

You see, since marriage is the foundation of the family, it makes sense that if you destroy the marriage you destroy the family. The old saying “Divide and Conquer” has been working to hurt and destroy millions of children’s lives. That’s exactly what divorce in a family does. 

But if you’ve already divorced, it’s never too late to start loving and putting your children first. In fact, the only one who can help you fix and heal the damage to your family is the one who created families.

So why not ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for your mistakes and wrongs you’ve done to your mate and children? Then ask Jesus to help you start changing. He’ll help you to love your mate and children without conditions, so they can become the strong, happy and successful adults you want them to be. Just Think a Minute...

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