The gangsters of paradise

Dear Editor,

Everyone is upset with the gang problem invading our society today and you have every right to be angry and disappointed. People responded that gang members should be charged and jailed.

Some suggested a hole should be dug and gang members thrown in it, etc. I wish people would have the guts to say the same thing about the biggest gang in Samoa, which has been a menace to our society and has been around for the past 30 years – PM Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P.

Gangs are a bi-product of PM Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P.

Let’s look at Original Blood Outlaw (O.B.O) gang for instance. The members of O.B.O will not be kids forever and one day they will grow up and we shouldn’t undermine them. Gangs here in Samoa have already spread like a wild fire. Those Vaimoso members will never quit their gang – they will stop operating within Vaimoso but operate outside of the village. 

They’ve already branched out to Taufusi, Lalovaea, Sinamoga, Vaitele, Vaimea, Fugalei and other villages. Branches of their gang have already established in New Zealand.

Very soon branches will be established in America and Australia and in those countries, bikie gangs are recruiting young Pacific Islanders like there’s no tomorrow. Once that happens, the O.B.O here in Samoa will have financial backing. There are business people here in Samoa already behind this, providing gangs with money and alcohol to the gangs in exchange for protection – to leave their businesses alone. The kids in this gang are prepared to die for it too.

There are already other gangs in the urban areas eg. Vaivase Uta Utah, Samoan Bloodz, Laulii gang, Blood62 and more, holding secret gang meetings and sending threats to one another over the social media.

They will start off fighting for power and territory and eventually come together. As I said, these gangsters are the bi-product of their leaders and corruption.

The way some of these kids talk sound more like modern day revolutionists than gangsters – it confused me. They’re calling PM Tuilaepa all sorts of names under the sun; they talk about govt. corruption and they also talk about the Mau.

These kids fully understand the social problems they are facing. They had no one to turn to for solutions and now have become the problem. These youths have been ignored by our society for far too long especially by our leaders. All they ever wanted was the opportunity for their voices to be heard.

Since there’s no Opposition in our govt. after PM Tuilaepa used his power to basically wipe out the Opposition, as a result, PM Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P will face a new opposition called O.B.O. 

Remember what I’m saying here in the next 2 years because by then, the govt, police and even the matai (village councils) will be powerless to stop these gangs altogether. 

Now those kids from Vaimoso will operate from underground. Everything I’ve been saying from years back have come true at the end. If you doubt what I say, go and find all the threads I’ve written from six years ago about govt corruption, money laundering, high crime rate, unemployment, poverty, social problems, the Panama papers, etc which I debated on various forums and on the media with those who suck up to the govt, and see if you can find anything there to prove me wrong regarding what’s happening today. 

Believe me, I won’t be wrong about this O.B.O gang either. 

The O.B.O Opposition is the creation of PM Tuilaepa and the H.R.P.P.




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