The day of judgment is coming

Dear Editor,

Re: Defiant church ministers could lose personal assets

Let’s read what Tialavea is saying: “After 14 days of no response, another assessment will be issued with an additional 10 per cent on top. After that the Government will go to their bank accounts and seize their savings.

“We have the power and authority to seize funds from their personal bank accounts. The Government will also go after their personal assets, their personal belongings such as homes and vehicles anything that is of value, we will seize.”

The prosecution of church ministers who refuse to be taxed will be the last option according to the minister.

 “After that then we will take them to Court, which is the final draw. Again the process is quite lengthy and I have said more than once – the Government will come after the church ministers individually – not the Church.”

This is corruption and dictatorship at its best. 

The day will come that these men in leadership positions will stand before God, the judge of all mankind and be accountable for their actions. 

That day will come soon and you will come to remember vividly what you have done here, it will be written all over your face: That day will come Mr. P.M. and your ministers. 

The God of Sabaoth hears the cries of these people!


Mauga Tuioti

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