Love for the ocean, discovering Samoa

By Nefertiti Matatia 13 December 2017, 12:00AM

There is a certain embrace that is found in the heart of the ocean that can never be fathomed.

And sometimes in life there are episodes where we find ourselves looking for an escape from it all, for Zoё Pfeiffer, she finds stillness in water that cannot be found anywhere.

“I love the ocean; there is something about the sea that always draws me back wanting more. It is so calm, peaceful and I get to meditate in there and come back out feeling good again,” she said. She is a living proof that some people find themselves and understand more about life by being close to the ocean.

Strolling along the shores of Samoa, Zoё discovered a new energy within the sea that she never felt back home.

“There is a lot more energy and power within the ocean here compared to how it is in Switzerland. The way the waves and tides move here is very different from home. I love the energy.”

The passionate surfer mentioned she doesn’t consider herself a mermaid but she has come from miles just for the water and it was one overwhelming experience for her. 

“Over here in Samoa it is more special, not so developed and not many surfers around too. It is a wonderful feeling to experience these untouched places in the world. You can tell because there are still so many fish around and coral, which means that not many people are fishing around here which is really nice,” she added.

After six months of surfing in Indonesia, she wanted to take a step further and travel to a diverse country to have a different experience in terms of the ocean. Being in Samoa, Zoё found what she was searching for.

“It is beautiful here, when you are surfing there are only two or three people surfing, but in Indonesia 1,500 people or more surf, there are so many people which is why I like it here better. 

“I was there for six months and I still have two months off, so I did some research and it seemed like a really nice place to visit because I wanted to see something different and something new which is why I chose Samoa.”

Zoё believes that people should not be afraid to fail, but be afraid of not trying.

Other than surfing, she has tried learning the Samoan traditional dance which was a memorable event for her.

“This other night there was a group of Tongan students and a group from here they were doing a little dance battle, dancing and singing which was really cool to watch. They tried to teach me but I couldn’t do it.”

She laughed and told the Dear Tourist that she was a terrible dancer.

The way the Samoan community interact with one another stunned the Switzerland surfer. 

“I really like the culture here, it is very strong and you can see there is really something bringing the community together and there is something that is holding them together. 

“In Europe, it is more about being an individual and living your own life. It is pretty cool that people help each other here.” 

Everything about Samoa is very different experience, Zoё said. 

“It is very green in Samoa, the landscape and the culture here as well. The people are very friendly and the country is just beautiful.”

It is her first time tasting taro and roasted pork and she liked it.

She is currently staying at the Tafatafa Beach Fales for the next couple of days and she is excited to learn more about the people and the country while she is here.

“If the weather is not good and there are no more waves, than I will go around and visit different places like the villages and schools. I want to see more at the end of the trip.”

By Nefertiti Matatia 13 December 2017, 12:00AM

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