O.L.P: An unqualified journalist on steroids

Malo Chief! If I could award you with a Victorian cross I would. 

Any government must justify their spending to eliminate distrust from the people. People matter and they can’t keep addressing people in the business world. 

We can have a government that thrives AND looks after their people. 

But I know people aren’t getting their needs met, not getting quality of life. The higher their position, higher the expectation which equals higher accountability. We need to trust that they are taking care of our country but no one seems to lose their job. 

Lies don’t prevail the truth does. This is where good  journalists come in, to keep them on their toes - to blow that whistle. You have done a great service for Samoa Sano. You bring the balance we need.

To hold the judicial system, politicians and elitists accountable is a difficult job and without you to keep them on their toes where would we be. Private practices and personal use of tax payers monies is a crime and every dollar you uncover is a victory. 

Fast forward to today and we are now facing the challenge of limited free speech no thanks to O.L.P. who is an unqualified journalist on steroids! A bull in a China shop like me lol except I’m not selfish.  

He/sheman has single handedly ruined it for all of us good spirits hence the resurrection of the Criminal Libel Act. 

Freedom of speech is a privilege and to think we will now be censored is all O.L.P’s fault. 

Haha Ma e fai ia Ale aua aua ga koe promise se opposition e proofread laga draft lolomailaga draft ouke proofread lol


Phee A Bots

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