Mother says life without water tough

By Adel Fruean 21 October 2018, 12:00AM

A mother of six yesterday shed light on the struggles she encounters daily with the lack of consistent water supply to her home. 

Viena Mikaele, 40, of Aleisa said their water problem has become a part and parcel of their lives and continues to be a worry for her family members.  

“We are a family of eight all living under one roof and our family depends on our neighbours for water,” she said.

Her children would use four buckets to fetch water from their neighbours which they would use for bathing, washing and cooking. 

“I use it for washing of our clothes and also for preparing food and the dishes and our toilet, which needs water so that we can be able to flush it.”

She said they also need to manage their buckets of water properly so that there could be enough for drinking.

“I sleep every day worrying about whether there would be enough water for everyone, and if there is not enough we would have to wait, until the next day so we can get some.”

“Water is my main concern because it has so many uses. It is true what they say that water is life, without it so many things can die just like us – our bodies need water every day to survive.”

“I do not worry about myself, I have young children and they are my first priority, which is why it breaks my heart that they do not have even that privilege of having access to proper water connection,” she added.

Viena is thankful for her neighbour’s gratitude and only wishes for a water tank to save her family from their daily water struggle.

“I wish we had a water tank so that we can save all the water from the rain that would be a great help for us and make it easier for our family. Even though we do not have a lot of money we are truly grateful with whatever we can get.”

While the family is dependent on their plantation for food supply, Viena said her son is the only one in the family who has a job and they are proud of his achievements. 

 “We may not live in a fancy house, but that is not a problem for us so long as we are all together safe and sound.”

“We have lived here for more than 40 years but this is not our land, we are living on a land which is leased and they say that the new price is $440 an acre for a year’s period,” Viena added.

For anyone willing to assist Viena’s family, please contact 7634771.

By Adel Fruean 21 October 2018, 12:00AM

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