Determination dies hard

Think a minute…This is the true story of a young lady who told all of her friends she was going to be an actress. At the young age of 16 she went off to drama school in New York City. Unfortunately after only a short time the school sent a letter to her mother saying, “Please take your daughter home.

She has no acting ability at all!” Instead of giving up and going home, this tough teen got a job in a musical, but she was soon fired from that job also. In fact, she worked in three other musicals and was fired from every one of them! In two years, she had not earned one dollar as an actress.

 Finally, she got a job as a model, but soon lost that job too. Then she became seriously ill. The doctor told her she might never walk again. However, she bravely fought this terrible disease for two years, until eventually she was able to walk again.

After six years in New York City she had nothing to show for herself except rejection and obstacles she had overcome. 

 Yet amazingly, 20 years later 40 million people watched this actress in her very first television show. In fact, more people watched I Love Lucy than the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the inauguration of the U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower.

For five years Lucille Ball’s program was the #1 television show in America! Later, she became the first woman to be the head of her own television production company.

 Some people think successful stars like Lucille Ball simply get discovered and success just falls into their lap. But we do not see all their years of work and determination overcoming all kinds of obstacles and disappointments to reach their life’s goal.

Lucille Ball did not get her first TV show until she was 40 years old! Remember: “Delay is not denial…Success is hanging on after others have let go.” If Lucille Ball had given up and quit trying, no one would have blamed her. No one would have remembered her either! 

Your determination can enable you to eventually live your dream. No matter what gets in your way, if you’re living God’s way, you cannot lose since Jesus either gives you what you want or something better—even if you do not understand it at first.

He knows much more than you what will bring you true, lasting happiness and success. Won’t you give Him your life today—and with His divine help, determine to live His way? Just think a minute…

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