The royal entrance

Think a minute…A few years ago the Queen of England made a short visit to the United States. She took 4,000 pounds of luggage. The queen had 2 outfits of clothes for each occasion.

She took with her 40 pints of blood in case she needed emergency surgery. She brought her own hairdresser, 2 drivers, and many other servants. The queen’s brief visit to America cost 20 million U.S. dollars!     

Compare that royal entrance to God’s visit to earth. Jesus Christ entered the world in a small animal shed. The newborn King of the world slept in a feed trough for animals.

Although the world’s calendar is based on this King’s birth, there were probably more animals to welcome Jesus than people. Jesus’ mother, Mary, was just a 14-15 year old teenage girl who was not married when she became pregnant with Jesus.

It was an embarrassing scandal. In fact, if this happened to a teenage girl like Mary today, there is a strong chance Jesus would have been aborted. And Jesus’ hometown was a poor, low-class area.

Yet God chose to come like this to show us that even with all the unfair, bad things in life that happen to us, with Jesus in charge of our life everyday, you and I can still have successful, happy lives.

So if you think that you got a bad, unfair start in life, Jesus knows exactly how you feel. He was hurt and treated unfairly all his life.

He was even finally killed and executed as the worst of criminals for something he never did. Yet even death could not stop Him and keep Him down. After being dead and buried for 3 days, Jesus came back to life and proved that He is God the Son Who’s the Lord of life and death.

This Christmas, Jesus Christ wants you to receive His supernatural peace and power, so you can succeed and handle whatever bad, unfair things happen to you. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way, and decide to start living His way for the rest of your life? Just Think a Minute…

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