Healing Hearts

Think a minute…A famous American football coach was interviewed on television. The coach’s son was a star player on his team.

In the interview this father and coach was asked how he felt about his son’s success as a football player. His answer surprised millions of people watching the TV program.

He said:  “I’m pleased that my son is a fine athlete. But I’d be just as proud of him if he had never even played football.” 

It made me think of a story I read about a boy whose father died just a few months before he was born.

His mother was harsh and unkind to him. Her job kept her away from home most of the time, so she did not give much attention, love or teaching to her boy. As a result, he had no self-confidence and almost no friends.  

When he was 13-years-old, a school counselor said this boy had never known what it is like to be loved, nurtured, or even protected by his mother. Even though he was intelligent, he failed in school and quit when he was 16.

Then he joined the Marines, hoping it would make him a real man. But the other soldiers humiliated and rejected him. Naturally he fought back and resisted authority, so he was soon kicked out of the Marines.

There he was in his early 20’s with no friends or family. He later married, but his wife eventually left him. It was clear to this young man that no one in the world really wanted or respected him. So one day he took a gun with him to his job.

He was going to finally do something that would get everyone’s attention and for which he would be remembered. From a window on the third floor of his work building, on November 22, 1963, this lonely, rejected man shot and killed the American President, John F. Kennedy. In shooting that gun, Lee Harvey Oswald used the only skill he had learned in his lifetime of pain and unhappiness.

What is tragic is there are millions of people similar to Oswald. They have been rejected, neglected and mistreated, so they are deeply hurting and feel hopeless. They have not been given much love, acceptance, or approval, even by their own family.

But today, if you will give all your pain, despair and anger to God, He can start healing your heart and changing your life. Only your Creator and true Father can show you how important you are and the true worth He gave you when He made you.

He can even use your past pain to make you a stronger, better, and wiser person who can help other hurting people heal. Won’t you ask Him to start today? Just think a minute…

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