Samoa worth the time and distance

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 18 November 2017, 12:00AM

Leaving their husbands at home, Lois and Lorraine embarked on their tropical girls get away trip to our sunny shores via a very long and unexpected travelling route. 

Dear Tourist met the ladies at Savalalo markets where they had the arduous task of trying to decide which of the various fans on offer they would buy. 

The friends have only been here for three days but already they loved their experience.

“We took the bus from Return to Paradise and went to visit the turtles yesterday and it was really beautiful, we got sunburnt,” said Lois.

“Return to Paradise is a beautiful resort and the colours of the plants are just beautiful and we are right on the waterfront and we can sit on the sand and watch the waves of the ocean. It’s beautiful.”

Lois and Lorraine came to Samoa not knowing what to expect but so far they have rated Samoa the fairest of them all. 

“Samoa is certainly the prettiest Pacific Island we’ve been too and we have been here for three days,” said Loois. 

“We’ve done the walk around the village where we are staying and we’ve spent a time swimming where we are just in our resort.”

Lorraine agreed with Lois’s observations: “The gardens are so lovely. Most of the other islands I’ve been to, the ground is very overgrown but here everyone takes pride in their gardens and yes I would definitely come back.”

When the ladies jumped on the opportunity to come to Samoa via a holiday package that was offered online, to their astonishment, they found themselves caught in a clash between Virgin Pacific and the Samoan government.

“Unfortunately we were on a special with Virgin and we only booked three weeks ago and then a week later they cancelled but they said we could still go through Sydney which made it a very long trip,” said Lois. 

“We had six hours of waiting in Sydney and then flew over here to Samoa from Sydney which was a long trip because we left New Zealand at 8.30am and didn’t arrive to Samoa until the next day at 5.30am.”

 “So it wasn’t suitable. I think Virgin Pacific and Samoa have to work this out but they (Virgin Pacific) knew before they even booked us on that they weren’t going to come. We were offered our money back but we took their alternative to take a different travelling route.”

Lois admits that while it was a traumatic start to their holiday, it was well worth the trouble to get here.

 “Oh yes! So far yes it was worth the long trip, the weather has been so bad back home and it’s so nice here. It is by far the prettiest place we’ve been to and it’s been so friendly. 

“The little places and the gardens are so neat. This has been one of the best islands we’ve been to. I know I’ll come back because I have to bring my husband, I think he would love it.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 18 November 2017, 12:00AM
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