Basic living for Taele’s family

By Fetalai Tuiluluu 21 March 2017, 12:00AM

The fact is this. Everyone goes through their own personal struggles. 

But the degree of such struggles vary between people.

Some are better than others.

For Tafale Simatautu, from the village Toamua, she is finding it extremely difficult to cope.

With her husband the only breadwinner in the family, budgeting his weekly income is perhaps one of their biggest struggles.

And this is reflected by their surroundings.

What they call a home is a mere shelter. They don’t have electricity.

But Tafale, 27, tries. She works hard.

“As a mother, I do my best to take care of my family but the cost of living is expensive,” she said. 

 “I hear this from so many people and I can identify with them.”

She says the government has got to be able to help.

“I’m asking the government to have mercy on us. 

“It doesn’t matter what fancy developments the government does, we are really struggling. It’s so hard.”

Tafale said their motivation is their children.

“I look at my children and I tell myself I have to work harder for them.

 “We just got our water three weeks ago and are very thankful. We were able to build a simple house even if it’s not good enough. 

“What’s missing is electricity, which we were told we won’t have because our house is not safe for electricity.”

Tafale went on to say that her husband’s pay of less than $100 is not enough. 

“This amount of money is only for our children’s school and food; we can’t save up for a proper house because we struggle. 

“Money is needed for almost everything nowadays.

 “You see, my husband is the only one working right now and I try to do my part in my family as he works but every day is a struggle. It’s tough.” 

Tafale can be contacted on 7733331 if you are willing to help. 

By Fetalai Tuiluluu 21 March 2017, 12:00AM
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