How to catch O.L.P.

Dear Editor

I can find the O.L.P. 

It should be quite simple and should only take up one page in your newspaper. 

The Prime Minister wants the O.L.P. in prison and the O.L.P. wants the Prime Minister sacked. 

Ask the Prime Minister publicly (via Samoa Observer) if he will agree to satisfactorily answer all allegations leveled against him in exchange for the O.L.P. to give up his/her identity. 

The O.L.P. from what I can tell is a patriot. 

And a true patriot would jump at the opportunity end this saga even at the cost of his own freedom. 

However if O.L.P. claims are substantiated then the Prime Minister should immediately step down with our Head of State taking control, while a total overhaul of Samoa’s political structure occurs. 

The O.L.P. should then have no case to answer. 

If the O.L.P. refuses, then I say you are a coward and deserve to be in prison for sowing poisonous seeds around the country. 

If the Prime Minister refuses, then the O.L.P. should continue and we the citizens should voice our opinions more vocally. 

Not just on Facebook, in public until questions are answered. Being too busy shouldn’t be an excuse either. 


You, (Prime Minister) have time in your day to run Samoa rugby, a country, open new airlines, telethons, etc surely you can spare an hour out of your day to clear your name and put to bed some very serious allegations. 

Not to mention catching the O.L.P. 


What say you? 


Misa Frost

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