Jury still out on President Trump

Dear Editor,

Re: What they want for Samoa

I’m keeping my eyes open on this one. 

Some things don’t fit the puzzle as the two party systems are both corrupt.  I’m not beholden to any party affiliates but I look for a candidate that will well served the interest of the people. 

So far Trump has singed more than 30 executive orders to undo some of the most corrupt laws from the previous administrations; example he banned any foreign lobbyist from accessing the white house and other legislation that prevent the house and the senate for lobbying on behalf of big corporations. 

I know his appointments of the Goldman Sachs of the world leaves a bad taste on peoples mouths but I think they are the ones that knows the insides of the complexities of financial interlocking mechanism that can undo the damage already factored in the trillions of dollars in derivatives market that can bring down the house of cards any time. 

Remember when Trump won the election, the futures market lost almost a thousand points and when the hedge fund managers and George Soros double down on selling put options, they lost their pants because the true patriots were putting in call options to save the market and save millions of peoples retirement plans. 

It reminds me of how the Bankers took control of England’s wealth during the Napoleonic Wars. When the same “fake” news then reported that Napoleon had won and England under General Wellington lost the war. 

The Bankers point man at the exchange start selling their shares and everyone follow suit giving them a false pretense that England had lost the war, but in point of fact Napoleon had lost the war.  The Bankers point man turned around and bought every stocks and bonds only a fraction of the pound and before the real news reached England, there was a new Sheriff in town that literally owned England. 

The point is, the jury is still out their to judge Trump based on what happened on the ground (policies) I can see some how that the neo-cons and the liberals are strong arming some of his policies he promised the people. Don’t get wrong Wendy, I can ditch any politician that doesn’t serve the interest of the people at any time.


Leituala Roger B.

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