The gifts that count

Think a minute…I know a woman who gets sad when her husband sends her roses! She says:  “The only reason my husband gives me flowers is because it’s Valentine’s Day and he thinks he’s expected to.

I’d much prefer for him to show his love in the way he talks to me and treats me every day.

I wish he’d do the little things like helping me with the kids, taking me out on a date, or just spending some time alone together.

I’d be happy if once in a while he’d thank me for all the daily work I do like cooking his favorite food or washing his clothes.”

Another woman’s husband was absent-minded and always forgetting her birthday as well as their wedding anniversary.

When her friends asked her what she did on her birthday, she told them that he forgot again.

However, then she added:  “But last evening we took a long walk together and talked; and that meant much more to me than getting a gift just because it’s my birthday and he was expected to.”

Many children buy or make Mother’s Day cards and presents. The mother tells her children how much she likes them; but she remembers how disrespectful and rude her son was to her the day before.

Or how many times she wishes her children would help her with the work around the house without her having to ask them. 

When love is expressed ONLY on special days that it is expected, it almost can hurt the person receiving it if there is no thoughtfulness and kindness every day. If there are no words of appreciation and love the rest of the year.

That’s why Jesus Christ said He would rather have us love Him by obeying and living for Him every day than for us to give a gift to the church once in a while, so we can try and make up for the way we live the rest of the time.

Jesus loves us all very much! He always listens to us and forgives us, no matter how wrong or hurtful we’ve been. Jesus is just waiting for you and me to choose to love Him in return.

He’s patiently waiting for us to spend time alone with Him so we can get close to Him, not just on special days like Christmas and Easter but every day. And as you spend time with Him, Jesus will help you change to become more like Him.

Then you can start giving gifts of real love to others, not just on special days, but every day of the year.  

Just Think a Minute…

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